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Experience 3D & 4D Simulation of your Results during your Consultation

Consultations can be extremely informative, especially because they focus on YOU! Your body, your expectations, your results. That is why we want you to preview the “new YOU” before your surgery. At Clinic 360 we have taken the consultation experience to a next level of realism.

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360 Degree Imaging at Clinic 360

At Clinic 360 we want to make sure you are fully confident with the outcome you will receive from surgery. Crisalix provides a great platform for surgeons and patients to visualize results.

Crisalix is a software app that is intended for the use of cosmetic surgery before-and-after 3D simulation. It is able to scan the angles and dimensions of your body to create a digital 3D model of yourself. By using the app, your 3-dimensional model can be altered to represent what your results of surgery would be! The technology of Crisalix has been taken one step further, whereby you can wear virtual reality goggles to view your results in 4D!

Why Use 3D Imaging During your Consultation?

It is completely up to you, whether or not you want to preview your results before you book surgery. At Clinic 360 there is no cost to have your surgeon use Crisalix to predict your surgical results, since there are so many benefits of using 3D imaging, such as:

  • You are able to participate more in the process of your consultation
  • You are able to communicate your expectations more clearly to your surgeon; simulations are worth a thousand words
  • Your surgeon will be able to better communicate to you if your aesthetic goals of surgery are realistic or not
  • You will feel more confident in making the decision to proceed with surgery, because you have a better idea of your appearance after surgery
  • A preview of your results can turn any fears you had about the outcome of your results, into excitement
  • When undergoing a consultation for breast augmentation, using 3D and 4D simulation will take the guesswork out of choosing between implant sizes and types
  • Patients have reported a higher level of satisfaction with their surgical results when they had used Crisalix during their consultation

What Procedures Can 3D Imaging be Used For?

At Clinic 360, Crisalix can be applied to almost every cosmetic procedure we offer, whether it is an enhancement on the body or face.

Results will vary and there is no guarantee on the outcome of your surgery. Simulations are indented to be a guideline.

How Does Crisalix Work?

The Crisalix system is based on an advanced 3-D technology that is able to create a 3D model of yourself. During your consultation at Clinic 360, after it has been discussed that you are good candidate for the procedure, you will be asked to change into a robe (if you are interested in a surgical procedure for the body). Next a 3D sensor camera will be used to scan the targeted area on your body. This camera will in turn generate a 3-dimensional model of yourself. You will be able to see all angles and dimensions of your body in live form. Next, your surgeon or consultant will manipulate the 3D model of yourself using Crisalix’s software to match the anticipated results of your surgery. By being able to view a 360 degree model of the “new you” will open up new types of communication between you and surgeon to make sure you are both on the same track with regards to the realistic expectations of your results. For certain surgical procedures, your 3D model can even be taken one step further into a 4-dimensioanal virtual reality simulation!

The ”new YOU’ in 4D!

Now you can step into a world experiencing the results of your surgery before you actually undergo the procedure! Once your 3D model has been created, Crisalix’s technology will be able to simulate a virtual reality environment reflecting the “new you”. During the consultation you will be able to wear virtual reality goggles, that when you look to the left, to the right, ahead, and down, you can see how you would look after surgery. This 4D model is able to provide you with a new perspective and will help you make an informed decision about proceeding with surgery.

Crisalix and Breast Augmentation

When comparing Crisalix to other imaging services, Crisalix is able to more accurately predict your realistic results due to the vast amount of implant data it houses. This allows patients to experiment with different styles, types, and sizes of implants to best suit the results they want.

Traditional 2-dimensional before-and-after photographs can be great however they are not entirely accurate as to the type of results that YOU will receive. Since photographs are 2D, it is hard to grasp the height and weight of another patient, and thus can skew your thought process on the implant decision making process. For example, you may like the natural result of a patient that has chosen a 550cc moderate plus profile implant. This patient may be 5’10”, and you are only 5’4”. If you were to choose the same implant, chances are it will look much larger on you. This is where 3-d dimensional and 4- dimensional imaging come into play! Crisalix will be able to let you:

  • Play around with different projections of implants to see how this will alter your results
  • Preview different sizes of implants to find the perfect fit
  • Communicate to your consultant and surgeon if your expectations are realistic
  • Create the ideal set of breasts that you have always wanted

Access Your 3-D Results from Anywhere

After the consultation at Clinic 360, you will be provided with login information to the Crisalix system. You will be able to view your 3-D model anytime and anywhere. This will allow you to get feedback from family and friends to help you make the right choice. Additionally, you can discreetly share your 3-D simulation on Crisalix’s community. Here, other patients can advise you, and you can also see the before and after simulations of other online members.
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Crisalix 3D Imaging FAQ

Can I see my results in clothes?
Yes, the Crisalix software has an option to allow you to view your results with clothes on.
Do you charge me to have Crisalix during my consultation?
At Clinic 360 we want to ensure that all patients are well educated on the procedure they are considering. That is why Crisalix is a free bonus step that we include in the consultations.
How Accurate are the Projected Results?
No surgeon even with the assistance of technology will ever be able to accurately predict the aesthetic outcome of a surgery. Crisalix technology provides results in an ideal world, however intrinsic and extrinsic factors will always play a role in your surgical results. The 3D simulations are a useful tool however you cannot expect your real life results to 100% match them.
Do I have to make a decision at the time of the consultation?
No, we want to you to make sure you have made a well thought-out, informed, and confident decision before deciding to proceed with any cosmetic surgical procedure.