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Clitoral Unhooding

Clitoral Unhooding refers to a surgical procedure that involves the reduction of the prepuce tissue: this is the tissue that surrounds the clitoris on the top and both sides. Its purpose is to protect the clitoris from pain or overstimulation. If it were not present, the clitoris would be vulnerable to rubbing against clothes.
Clitoral Unhooding
Because of this tissue’s protective function, it is often referred to as a “hood.” The size of the prepuce tissue, or hood, varies greatly from one woman to the next. Some women have too much prepuce tissue. The problem with the excess tissue is that it can cover or hide the head of the clitoris.

As you may know, the clitoris contains many nerve endings. During sexual intercourse, the clitoris becomes enlarged and should grow beyond the hood so that it is exposed to sensation. If this successfully occurs, you will experience sexual pleasure as a result. If this pleasure reaches a high enough intensity, you may achieve a female orgasm. Therefore, if the hood is too pronounced, it may inhibit your ability to feel sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm.

Is Clitoral Unhooding Right for You?

A clitoral unhooding (also called a hoodectomy or clitoral circumcision) is a surgical procedure that can remedy an enlarged clitoral hood. The objective of a clitoral unhooding procedure is to shorten the prepuce tissue. Women often opt for the surgery with the objective of increasing sexual enjoyment. You may also wish to have the surgery if the large size of your clitoral hood causes discomfort. An over-developed clitoral hood, for instance, can rub uncomfortably against clothing. This surgical option may be right for you if you are experiencing this discomfort.

Before performing the surgery, your operating physician should conduct tests to see if there is a need for the procedure. In some cases, sexual dissatisfaction occurs because of a hormonal imbalance, which can be addressed through hormone treatment, which is a non-surgical option. However, if surgery is an appropriate course, your doctor will inform you during consultation about how much tissue should be removed. It is important to avoid removing more tissue than necessary, as it cannot be returned to the body after being excised.

How is a Clitoral Unhooding Performed?

The doctor will begin the surgery by applying a topical anaesthesia (in the form of an ointment) to the prepuce tissue. The purpose of the ointment is to numb the area being operated on so you do not feel pain during surgery. Usually, the surgeon will also apply a fluid that constricts blood vessels in the prepuce tissue: this reduces any blood loss that may occur during the operation. For the actual unhooding process, the method used depends on the preferences of the physician. However, one popular method is to remove prepuce tissue on either side of the clitoris and then hide it in the crease between the clitoris and the inner vaginal lips (the labia minora). Often, the doctor will a laser to remove the extra tissue.

Since clitoral unhooding occurs in a very small area of the body and small quantity of tissue is removed, the surgery only takes about an hour. Moreover, since the local anaesthesia ensures you will not experience pain, it is common for surgeons to keep patients awake during the operation. Surgeons often prefer this option because it allows them to talk with you and ask about your preference

Recovery Time

The recovery time for the procedure is about two weeks. During this time, it is recommended that patients avoid sitting as much as possible to prevent pressure on the affected area.

Combining Labiaplasty with a Hoodectomy

Often, women who have just had labiaplasty (the shortening of the inner and/or outer vaginal “lips”) find that the clitoral hood becomes emphasized. Thus, many clients desire to have a hoodectomy performed with labiaplasty. Having both surgeries at once will take approximately three hours. As it is with a hoodectomy alone, the surgeries can be performed using a local anaesthetic. However, in many cases, clients prefer a general anaesthetic so that they do not have to be conscious during the procedure.

You should be able to return home on the same day.

Payments & Costs

A hoodectomy alone generally costs about $3,500 and labiaplasty typically costs between $4,200 and $5,200. The combined price is roughly around $5,500.  It is important to know that health insurance plans do not cover the cost of labiaplasty or hoodectomy procedures. We understand that affordability is essential, and to make the process even more accessible, we provide financing options. Take the first step towards feeling more confident and comfortable by booking a free consultation at Clinic 360.

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