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Acne Treatment

Everyone wants clear and radiant skin. Many people, however, resign themselves to blemishes and regular acne breakouts. Acne can have a devastating effect on our self-esteem; but beyond that, breakouts can be a nuisance and sometimes incredibly painful.

Contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t only a teenager’s problem. Many adults suffer from chronic acne. If you are one of the many people who hide under cover-up and foundation because of pimples, laser acne treatment at Clinic 360 in Toronto might be the solution for you!

Acne Treatment

What is acne?

Acne can be very tricky, frustrating and complicated! Not to mention it can take an emotional toll on an individual who has tried every type of product on the market. The good news is Clinic 360 has several medical grade treatment options, and pharmaceutical grade products to help you battle acne.

There is a grand stigma on acne; it was once thought of as a teenage syndrome, of those who eat too much grease and chocolate, and don’t wash their face. We all know this is not the case!

Acne is the inflammation or infection of sebaceous glands in the skin. Our sebaceous glands secrete oily sebum into the hair follicles in order to lubricate our skin and hair. While sebum has many purposes—for instance, it keeps us waterproof, protects our skin from bacterial and fungal infections, and in general, keeps our skin healthy and young looking—too much of it (in conjunction with dirt and dead skin cells) can clog up our hair follicles, allowing bacteria to grow and cause acne. Clogged follicles below the surface of the skin cause whiteheads; blackheads are the result of clogged follicles above the skin’s surface. This buildup can sometimes be too much for our skin, causing the follicle wall to break and pustules to form. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules are generally considered mild forms of acne.

The more severe form of acne—which is characterized by cysts and deep abscesses—is referred to as acne conglobate. In this type of acne, inflamed nodules gradually increase in size until they rupture and discharge pus. Ulcers may even form underneath these nodules. Not only is acne conglobate incredibly painful, but it frequently damages the skin, resulting in deep, irregular scarring and pock marks.

While acne is most noticeable on the face, it can also occur on the back, neck, shoulders, chest, and buttocks. No matter where your acne is located, it can be embarrassing and deeply unpleasant.

Laser Acne Treatment

At Clinic 360 in Toronto, we use cutting edge technology to help you achieve your goals. We have found that laser treatment is not only an effective way to fight acne, but it is also one of the most mild. We use lasers that emit pulsed light to excite porphyrins—a compound that resides within acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes)—in order to break down the bacteria wall of P. Acnes, thereby destroying it from within. By killing the bacteria, less acne will be able to develop.

The number breakouts gradually decrease over a series of sessions. We generally suggest three laser treatments (one per month) for the best results; however, some clients notice dramatic results even with only a single treatment. Consequently, we highly recommend that prospective patients come visit Clinic 360 in Toronto for a consultation, where we will assess your individual case and discuss with you the best form of treatment for your needs.

Acne Scarring

Even when your acne is under control, you may still be living with the scarring that is left behind. Generally, acne scars can be divided into two types:

  1. Depressed (Atrophic) Scarring
    • Atrophic acne scarring is the most common type of the two.
    • In this type of scar, collagen fibres and subcutaneous fat degrade, preventing proper tissue regeneration.
    • Many people who have acne find depressions where the acne used to be, giving their face a pitted look.
  2. Raised (Hypertrophic) Scarring
    • Although less common, hypertrophic scarring can be unsightly, itchy, tender, and even painful.
    • This type of scarring occurs when an excess amount of collagen is produced, which causes raised scars. They are generally red in colour.
    • Keloid scars are a severe form of hypertrophic scarring that increase in size with time, and are not limited to the size of the original wound.
    • Keloid scars are most common in darker skinned individuals.

Laser Treatment For Acne Scarring

Our laser scar treatment helps eliminate the unsightly bumps and pockmarks that are a common side effect of acne without damaging the top layers of your skin. The laser will help resurface your skin, leaving you smooth and even-toned. An added bonus is that our laser treatment is non-ablative (we will not remove any body tissue) and requires virtually no downtime. In other words, you can return to your normal activities almost immediately after a session.

Please note that depending on the severity of the scarring, some patients may require other procedures to complement the laser treatment. A patient consultant will assess your situation during your initial consultation session at Clinic 360 in Toronto and recommend the best treatment(s) for you.

Acne Treatment Options

You must treat the root cause to hinder and prevent future acne eruptions. The cause for acne can be multi-factorial. It is usually a combination of blocked pores, over-activation of sebaceous glands (therefore overproduction of oil), bacteria and/or inflammation.

Clinic 360 has many options when it comes to treating and reducing the severity of teenage and adult acne, not only on the face, but on the chest, back and shoulders as well.

Other treatments for acne include, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and medical grade skin care products. Clinic 360 has experienced, well educated medical aestheticians that understand all patients need individualized care, to effectively obtain healthy, radiant skin.

Risks & Complications

While laser treatment is generally considered gentle, especially when compared with the harsh ointments that are prescribed for acne treatment, there are some common side effects that you should be aware of:

  • Because acne bacteria can regenerate fairly quickly, the results of laser acne treatments are often temporary.
  • Some patients will experience mild discomfort/pain.
  • Many patients will notice skin peeling, redness, and inflammation around the treatment area for a period of time.
  • Some patients may notice their skin darkening and/or the inflammation of hair follicles.
  • It is imperative that patients avoid sunlight for approximately 30 hours after laser treatment.

Our patient consultants will be able to provide you with a more exhaustive list of side effects and the best way to minimize them during your initial consultation.

Contact Clinic 360 in Toronto today so that you can have the radiant and unblemished skin you’ve always wanted!

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