Cellulite Endermologie

Most people have or have heard of cellulite but are unsure exactly what it is. Cellulite consists of collections of subcutaneous fat that cause bumps or dimples in the skin and occurs in about 85% of women (particularly in the hip and thigh areas). With age, this “orange peel” appearance often worsens, leading to lower self-esteem and body image issues.

Women are unfortunately more prone to cellulite. Generally, the best ways to address cellulite include a healthy diet, regular exercise, quitting smoking, and muscle development. However, many people have hectic schedules, physical limitations, unaccommodating genetics, or a slew of other situations that require more than a lifestyle change to get rid of the cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

A popular solution for excess cellulite at Clinic 360 in Toronto is endermologie. Using a technique and technology developed by LPG, we can help you contour your skin and reduce cellulite fat through an effective, safe, non-invasive, painless procedure. Cellulite treatment involves a rolling suction device that is placed over the targeted areas, which gathers up the skin for massage. Also known as “lipomassage”, this technique increases circulation and helps release subcutaneous fat trapped between the fibrous connective tissues in the skin. It is this trapped fat that pushes outwards for the orange peel appearance of cellulite. An additional benefit to endermologie is that in stimulating circulation, it also allows for increased drainage of toxins from the fat deposits so that you can also feel as good as you’ll look! In order to achieve optimal results, as many as 6 to 12 sessions may be necessary. Appointments can be scheduled once or twice a week until the regimen is complete.

Prior to your Cellulite Treatment at Clinic 360 in Toronto, you should visit us for a consultation. You can let our practitioners know about your expectations so that they may examine you physically and determine if lipomassage is the right treatment to get the results you desire. If you want more heavy-duty fat removal, an alternative such as liposuction may be more appropriate. Otherwise, you should also let them know about any allergies you may have, your medical history, and any previous cosmetic procedures you have had performed.

How is Endermologie Performed?

The endermologie treatment is entirely approved by the FDA and Health Canada to provide cellulite contouring, reduction, and skin smoothing. Prior to treatment, you should be sure to drink lots of water in order to maximize the drainage of toxins from your cells. Generally, the entire lipomassage process takes about 35 minutes (depending on the size of the treated area) and is a very relaxing experience. The treatment triggers a biologic response in the subcutaneous fat cells that stimulates them to eliminate resistant fat cells while fibroblasts (otherwise known as “firming” cells) begin creating collagen and elastin once again. This collagen and elastin production naturally tapers off with age so this added benefit leaves the area looking not only smoother but also more youthful!

After 6 sessions, stubborn fat reserves are broken down, curves are re-sculpted, cellulite is smoothed and loose skin is firmed – naturally. Skin quality improvements and figure toning will increase after each session. To maintain optimal results from your endermologie treatment, you should visit Clinic 360 monthly to maintain results.

Risks & Complications

Because there are no incisions, anaesthetic, or laser energy involved, there are actually very few risks associated with endermologie treatment for cellulite. Minor complications include:

  • Soreness of the treated area
  • Skin abrasions

Cellulite Endermologie Recovery

There is no downtime required for endermologie and you can immediately return to work and regular activities. For best results, you should drink lots of water to help boost circulation and lymphatic drainage.

For the first 6 to 12 sessions (depending on the treatment plan set out by you and Clinic 360), you will need to return for appointments once or twice a week. To maintain your results, you should also visit us monthly following your initial treatment period.

Cost & Financing

Cellulite Treatment is generally considered an elective cosmetic procedure and, as such, is not covered by most medical insurance providers. However, our rates at Clinic 360 in Toronto are extremely competitive, with $100 per session or $850 for a package of 10 lipomassage treatments.

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