What is A Mommy Makeover?

by | Feb 6, 2023

As its name suggests, a Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic procedure intended for women who are dissatisfied with the ways in which their bodies have changed due to pregnancy and childbearing. Mommy makeovers have gained increased popularity as multiple areas can be addressed during a single operation.

Rather than being just one procedure, a Mommy Makeover combines multiple procedures during one operation with the goal of providing a more complete restoration of your pre-baby body. Since it’s a combination of surgeries that address common issues, a Mommy Makeover can be customized to each patient and their specific needs.

Common Toronto Mommy Makeover Procedures

Often, a Mommy Makeover will include some type of breast procedure as well as a tummy tuck. A breast lift and/or augmentation as well as abdominoplasty are staples of the Mommy Makeover as these are areas most impacted by motherhood. Women commonly experience loose skin, sagging breasts and stretched stomach muscles after giving birth, which can all be addressed with a combination of these surgeries. 

However, as mentioned, Mommy Makeovers are customized to your specific needs after giving birth. A number of other procedures may be included depending on your particular problem areas and desired outcome. A Mommy Makeover may include any combination of the following procedures:

When To Consider a Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers aren’t only for new moms. You may want to wait until your children are fully grown to consider cosmetic surgery, and that is perfectly normal! However, if you are eager to help restore your pre-baby body and are thinking about surgical intervention, there are a few things that will signal if you are ready for a Mommy Makeover. 

Signs You Are Ready For a Mommy Makeover

To start, you’ll need to be fully healed from childbirth before considering a Mommy Makeover. This can take a year or more in most cases. It can also be beneficial to be close to your ideal weight before opting for a Mommy Makeover as this will help ensure you get the best possible results from your surgery.

Additionally, it’s best to wait until you are finished breastfeeding before considering surgery as nursing can cause further changes to the body. It’s also a good idea to hold off on a Mommy Makeover if you are planning on having more children in the future as another pregnancy can reverse its effects.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

A Mommy Makeover can radically alter your body by helping to restore your pre-pregnancy figure. It’s important to plan properly for this combined procedure as it requires plenty of recovery time. You may have difficulty bending and lifting things for up to a month after surgery. Therefore, you’ll need support at home managing daily tasks such as cooking as well as childcare if your children are still young. 

The best thing you can do to ensure you have great results after your Mommy Makeover is to plan appropriately and give your body the time and energy it needs to heal properly.


The price of a Mommy Makeover in Toronto varies depending on the procedures you choose to include. The best way to receive an accurate quote is by booking a consultation with one of our highly experienced plastic surgeons. During a consultation, you will be able to discuss your goals and figure out what combination of procedures will best help you achieve these goals. Book your consultation today.