Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Implants

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About Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Implants

There are generally two types of butt augmentation:

  1. Butt Implant
  2. Brazilian Butt Lift

In the case of butt implants, your surgeon will insert a silicone gel implant into your buttocks to give it a fuller, rounder appearance.

This has become less popular in recent years as it increases risks of complication (including allergic reaction and rejection) and does not always look natural. Also, inevitably implants must be removed. While they can be replaced, they are not permanent.

Problems with Butt Implants

Besides being less natural looking and running the risk of rejection or allergic reaction, silicone butt implants also carry a chance for capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when the body perceives the implants as foreign entities and responds by forming a layer of fibrous tissue (resembling scar tissue) around them. Over time, this tissue can harden and tighten, causing pain and tension on the implant and surrounding flesh. Capsular contracture can be broken down into four classes of severity, with classes III and IV requiring surgical intervention and implant removal as the distortion becomes visible through the skin.

Implants also run the risk of rupture. While silicone gel implants will generally not leak out if ruptured, they will still need to be removed and replaced. Though rare, implants can also be shifted, leading to an unnatural looking appearance and requiring intervention on the part of your surgeon.

Another major difference between Brazilian butt lifts and butt implants is the fact that implants can only be placed on the upper half of the buttocks, whereas fat transfer can be performed anywhere. Implants, therefore, may contribute to a less natural appearance. Another factor is that only implants of up to 420cc can be placed whereas over 800cc of fat can be deposited using Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift Pros & Cons

While the saying may be “no pain, no gain,” this should not be the case when it comes to your comfort and health during plastic surgery. Butt implants are much more painful to recover from, with scarring that is generally 5-7cm long. By comparison, Brazilian butt lifts leave extremely small scars through the use of micro-cannula  —  both during liposuction and fat transfer  —  that leave scars around 0.3 cm long. The recovery time for butt implants is also much longer than Brazilian butt lifts.

The limitations of Brazilian butt lifts include the fact that patients must have excess pockets of subcutaneous fat to extract through liposuction and reposition using fat transfer. It should be noted that a certain level of fat must be left in place otherwise depressions in the skin can form. Another limitation of Brazilian butt lifts is that only a certain amount of fat can be injected into the buttocks. If you reach a natural capacity, the body will simply reabsorb the rest. Your surgeon at Clinic 360 in Toronto will go over these factors in further detail with you during your consultation in order to see if a Brazilian butt lift is the right procedure for you.

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