Nose Job Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job” as it is more colloquially known, is a cosmetic surgical procedure involving the reshaping and reconstruction of the outer part of the nose.

For the remodeling and rebuilding of the internal wall that separates the two nasal passages (known as the septum), the relevant cosmetic procedure is known as septorhinoplasty.

The two terms are often used synonymously as changing the external appearance of the nose almost invariably involves modifying the nasal septum as well.

Both rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty procedures are performed for reconstructive and aesthetic purposes.

Rhinoplasty | Nose Job Surgery

Why Rhinoplasty is Done

  • Following trauma to the nose, corrections may need to be made to its appearance along with improvements of airflow through the nasal passages.
  • Genetics, or displeasure with the nose’s natural appearance (including birth defects).
  • Corrective to fix a prior poorly executed procedure.

Nose Job Consultation at Clinic 360

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should have your nose job surgery done at a reputable, recognized plastic surgery institute such as Clinic 360 in Toronto. If you are considering the procedure, be sure to book a consultation with one of our surgeons in order to explain what your main difficulties are (aesthetic or functional), elaborate on your expectations for the rhinoplasty, and inform your doctor of any relevant allergies, past procedures, and your overall medical history. It is important to be thoroughly honest in the disclosure of your medical information as it can help prevent risks of complications both during and after your surgery. Your physician at Clinic 360 will thoroughly examine your nasal structure in order to let you know if your rhinoplasty expectations are realistic and you can both then decide which technique is necessary to achieve your desired ends.

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

While rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty are relatively routine plastic surgery procedures, the specific techniques chosen for your particular nose may differ based on whether your improvements are aesthetic or functional in nature. If it is your first time receiving the procedure, it is known as Primary Rhinoplasty. If you have had the surgery previously, it is known as Revision Rhinoplasty. Your nose job can typically be completed in a day (otherwise known as on an outpatient basis) and you can usually go home soon after surgery.

Either local anaesthetic – in conjunction with intravenous sedative – or general anaesthetic may be used during your rhinoplasty procedure. Whichever is chosen will not affect the ultimate results though it may affect the patient’s overall experience. As such, it is a decision made between the patient and the surgeon based on preference, the planned procedure, and where the surgery is being performed. General anaesthetic (i.e., being made entirely unconscious or “put to sleep”) is typically only used if the patient is healthy and has no allergies to anaesthesia.

Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty (otherwise known as External Rhinoplasty) is performed by first making a large incision (trans-collumellar incision) at the base of the nose and lifting the skin off the tip. Once the skin has been elevated, it is folded backwards and up the bridge of the nose (much like a car hood) so that your surgeon at Clinic 360 may have full visibility of the cartilage structures beneath in their natural state. External rhinoplasty is generally reserved for more severe cases than closed rhinoplasty. That said, external rhinoplasty allows for improved accuracy, effectiveness, and versatility with barely noticeable scarring in most cases.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty (or Internal Rhinoplasty) uses internal incisions to expose the tip of the nose, meaning no external incisions and scarring.

This, however, unfortunately means that visibility is more limited for the performing surgeon and necessitates heavy stretching of the nasal skin, increasing the risks of nasal cartilage distortion.

This relative lack of access requires greater skill on the part of your physician.

Risks & Complications

Nose jobs at Clinic 360 in Toronto are extremely safe because of the experience level of our surgeons. Generally speaking, primary rhinoplasty (first time) surgeries are prone to less risk than their revisionary counterparts. This is because revisionary (otherwise known as secondary rhinoplasty) procedures have to deal with previously damaged tissue, which may include subcutaneous scarring, reduced blood supply to the treated areas, lowered skin elasticity, and missing or altered skeletal elements. Whether a primary or secondary rhinoplasty, some other common risks of rhinoplasty include:

  • Infection
  • Complications from anaesthetic
  • Undesirable cosmetic results such as:
  • Skin contracture
  • Scarring
  • Warped cartilage
  • Asymmetry of nostrils
  • Hemorrhaging

As with any cosmetic procedure, nose job complications can be avoided by being completely honest with your surgeon at Clinic 360 during your complimentary consultation. At this time, they will go over all risks in further detail with you as well. You should also carefully follow your doctor’s instructions, both prior to and after your rhinoplasty surgery, as this will help reduce your chance of complications.

Recovery After Surgery

While no overnight stay is required for rhinoplasty, you should still get someone to drive you home following your surgery at Clinic 360 as the effects of the anaesthetic may not have entirely worn off. That said, you should be able to conduct most everyday activities after 2 or 3 days of recovery. If your rhinoplasty was performed under general anaesthetic, you may require a little more time to regain full energy levels. It is best to take a week off responsibilities following your procedure in order to fully heal, at which time you should also be able to take the splint off your nose.

Cost & Financing

As a general estimate, rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) at Clinic 360 in Toronto will cost upwards of $9,000. Factors that may influence this price include the anticipated complexity of the procedure, whether it is primary or revisionary, and consequently how much time it will take. Health insurance will not cover the cost of your rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons. We understand that affordability is essential, and to make the process more accessible, we offer flexible financing options. 

Expected Results

Based on your desires and expectations, your rhinoplasty procedure at Clinic 360 in Toronto should allow you to have a nose that is symmetrical, straight, proportional to your facial structure, and allows for uncompromised airflow.

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